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Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 09 (2012)

by Julietta Suzuki(Favorite Author)
4.5 of 5 Votes: 1
142154198X (ISBN13: 9781421541983)
Kamisama Hajimemashita
review 1: The focus in this volume shifts to Kurama, one of my favorite characters in the story. Throughout the series thus far, we've known Kurama as being a tengu with the "fallen angel" idol persona that he has cultivated in the human world. Since Kurama interacts more with humans, he's proved to be much more adaptable in the human world compared to the other supernatural characters we've met.This "cool" persona comes crashing down for the reader as we learn more about Kurama's past and why he left the mountain, and as we learn that he also has vulnerabilities. There is a lot of substance to work with here, and in general, I like the direction the story is turning. Kurama is too interesting a character not to explore further in Kamisama Kiss, and I think the timing is just ri... moreght in the story. All that being said, this next story arc isn't completely meshing for me. Things feel slightly off, the humor isn't as sharp, and I finished the volume feeling somewhat let down. We are in the middle of an arc, and I'm anxious to continue the story in volume 10. I hold high expectations for Kurama, and I am hopeful that the next volume will bring more of what I'm looking for as far as his character is concerned.
review 2: A great volume that for the first half reveals more on Nanami's worries about her feelings for Tomoe. The second half seems to center more on the troubles occurring in the tengu village on the mountain. I loved finding out new back story to the character of Kurama (aka Shinjuro). I can't wait to see how he, Tomoe, and Nanami find a way to help the tengu lord (known as Sojobo here). They'll definitely have to look out for the antagonistic Jiro and the tricky yokai, Yatori. less
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Well it's good to finnaly get a background story for Kurama...
4.5 Stars!
3.5 stars
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