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The Secret Of Emotions (Love, Lust And The Longing For God #1) (2012)

by Justice Saint Rain(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 5
1888547510 (ISBN13: 9781888547511)
Special Ideas
review 1: I found the first 1/3 of the book psychobabble but really enjoyed the last 2/3. I like how Rain wove God into emotions. Basically emotions are a clue that a virtue is either present or is missing from our lives. Virtues bring us closer to becoming what God intended us to be. I really like the end where it discussed how people obtained joy and it wasn't be receiving things it was by giving-enacting a virtue for others. Our society is geared towards getting all you think you should have coming to you. Yet joy is obtained by practicing the virtues set out in the book. Great advice.
review 2: I have read countless psychological self-help books over the years, but this little book has some amazing insights I have never seen elsewhere - things that seem obviou
... mores once pointed out, except that no one noticed them before. Some of the insights are now part of my self-diagnosis tool-kit, and I'd like to think I am a calmer, happier, more understanding person because of internalizing some of its principles. less
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A book that can change your life, just follow and listen to your inner self.
This book was really gook during my high school years.
Really helped me understad a few things about myself.
Excellent - must get the other 3!
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