Top 5 Wednesday- Books I started reading before I started blogging

Happy Wednesday! Yay! I did T5W last week and im doing it again this week! I’ve been terrible at keeping up with these during the summer, partly because most the time I just haven’t paid attention to what day it is.
Although I’m not looking forward to be back at school (like AT ALL!) I am looking forward to having some sort of routine in my life, unfortunately that routine wont include as much time for sleeping and reading as it does now!

This weeks topic is books you read before starting blogging. These are probably going to be very cliché and unoriginal but oh well.
(You can find future topics on the Goodreads Page HERE)

Harry Potter
Whats to bet this is on practically everyones list?

Percy Jackson + Heroes of Olympus
Heroes of Olympus was the first boxset I ever bough, I remember I was so excited when it arrived and I was just obsessed with how great and amazing they looked!

Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children
The first book in the series was my first ever book review! Only the first book counts for this because like I said, I wrote the review for the book and obviously I had started blogging when I read book 2 (and I still haven’t read book 3!)

Vampire Academy
I got gifted this for my birthday off my parents. Although this was one of the first few series I started I … still haven’t finished this series! (I have reread the first 2 multiple times though!)

The Naturals series (Jennifer Lynn Barnes)
I read this after Percy Jackson. I love this series! I still have to buy book 3 (I have  already read it though) and book 4 the finale (which I haven’t yet read).

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