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Colorado Dawn (2012)

by Kaki Warner(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 3
0425245225 (ISBN13: 9780425245224)
Berkley Trade
Runaway Brides
review 1: Ash, or Angus, or whatever his name is, comes alive more than any of Warner's heroes so far. He and Maddie made a great couple. I like that Warner didn't spend a lot of time on the Big Misunderstanding. The characters talked about their problems and realized the incorrect assumptions each one had made (like adults!). However, that leaves them with the problem of Ash needing Maddie to come back to Scotland and be his viscountess, and Maddie wanting to follow her calling as a photographer in America. This problem....was rather easily solved. In a kind of obvious way. I was glad to see that the villain of the piece wasn't a non-white Other, but he was still so eeeeeeeviiiiiiil that I couldn't really take him seriously. Someone with a quieter menace would be sca... morerier.
review 2: The plains of Colorado are as much a character as Maddie and Ash in this second of the Runaway Brides titles I've read,and I wasn't disappointed. The story is as unique as Maddie, a female photographer when photography was just coming into its own. Ash is an injured--in multiple ways--soldier but now a Viscount. His duty to his family requires that he return to Scotland but his heart has been recaptured by Maddie, his wife. She doesn't listen to him like the soldiers he previously led. What are they to do? You'll have to read it to find out. No way will I spoil it for you by telling. less
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I seriously still love Kaki Warner's books! She just writes great characters.
ok, good to pass the time
Love this series!!
Great book.
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