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Fighting For Infinity (2014)

by Karen Amanda Hooper(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 2
0985589957 (ISBN13: 9780985589950)
Starry Sky Publishing
review 1: Whenever you reach the final book of a beloved series there's always a bit of trepidation. Will all of my questions be answered? Will I like the way things end? When you're in the middle of the series you always feel safe that even if you didn't like the way one of the books left off, at least there's a promise of more to come. During the whole time reading this story I wanted to read a review that had spoilers or even flip through all the pages to the end to learn what happened, but when reading the book on a Kindle that isn't so easy. Tears and lots of them. That is all I am giving away
review 2: I thought it was a good conclusion to the series. Although, there may be more to come, because there is a lot of possibility there. Either way, it wrapped up this
... morelittle portion of it. I really enjoyed the new characters like Rina and Evelyn. In this book, Maryah is working on learning to astral travel again. When she goes against her intuition and astral travels to find/spy on Dedrick, she finds herself trapped and unable to return to her body. In the room with her is a young girl names Rina, a conductor who can harness other people's powers with nothing more than a touch. The two girls form an uncertain partnership, slowly learning to trust each other. Soon Maryah learns that Rina holds the power to release her soul back to her body. She begins to travel back to report on the happenings with her kindrily. Unwilling to leave Rina there, she always goes back. The two begin to plan on how to stop Dedrick before he accomplishes his nefarious plans. With the help of the kindrily, and Maryah's own powers, they may just be what it takes to stop him for good. But first, Maryah has to learn to harness her abilities from her previous lives. I liked how we finally learned why she erased. I also enjoyed the suspense, and watching Maryah come into her own. I really liked the ending as well. I thought book two started getting a little too sexy and I liked that this one wasn't like that. Of course it helped that Maryah and Nate were rarely in the same place. Overall, this was a very enjoyable ending to this storyline. I would love to learn more about the other characters or past lives. There is a lot of potential for more. less
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yay! what a satisfying ending :D
Loved it!!
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