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Tangled Tides (2013)

by Karen Amanda Hooper(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 3
Starry Sky Publishing
The Sea Monster Memoirs
review 1: Arc via Netgalley - in exchange for my honest review.I just couldn't finish it! And normally, I can read anything.The whole Idea of C-WEED, well, that was it for me! And that was fairly early in the book!Also, the use of multiple POV with Yara and her two love interests (Rownan and Treygan) annoyed me. I was frustrated with the back and forth of: who was the villain? I'm not the villain, he's the villain, it was frustrating and confusing.I don't know how people have been able to rate this novel 5 stars! I feel like everyone (but me) was given a treasure map and struck gold, but I'm still stumbling around lost! (and I still haven't found any treasure.) There certainly weren't any gems in this novel, well, for me anyway....Also, did NO ONE else find it weird, that Rownan wa... morelked around in a fur coat? Like all the time?!? Yes he's a selkie, but surely reality dictates, that people, should be running after him over animal rights. Or the fact that he's chilling on a beach (this is not the arctic) with a coat made of fur! It was very Cruella of him.... And well, weird.Yara, was a very whiney character (her sarcasm seemed rude to me), also, she was a bit of a brat and I just couldn't like her. I wanted to like her. HELL, I had high hopes of actually liking, maybe even LOVING this book... But thought sunk just like the Titanic.Maybe, this book is better left for younger readers, younger than YA, but then again I didn't finish it, so perhaps there’s an inappropriate bit for younger readers, I'll never know. I have now decided to let this book to defeat me and leave it unfinished.
review 2: 2.5/5 stars. I will give the author this, her worldbuilding was pretty solid. She knew all about what the different "monsters" were and did and seemed to have a pretty detailed background for all of them.I just couldn't connect with this story, mostly, I think, because I couldn't connect with the main character. She seemed to have fewer actual feelings about events and issues than I thought possible. Maybe she's the most mellow person in the world...?This is another one that really wasn't for me.(Provided by publisher) less
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I loved this book can't wait for the second one
I lerve it!! Totally recommend it
They drink blood? Ewww, gross.
Review in progress.
Can't wait!
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