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A Practical Man (2006)

by Karen Traviss(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 1
Del Rey
review 1: One of the traits of science fiction is that it often confuses the reader and conveys a sense of other-ness, alien perception, and unfamiliar technology, though as the reader comes to understand the world and characters it becomes less confusing. However, this probably shouldn't be the case in a novel (or novella) set in a universe with which the reader is already very familiar - i.e. Star Wars. I was very confused for the first half of the story, but once we got to Boba Fett's perspective in the second half it got much better. 2 stars for the first half and 4 stars for the second half. Oh, and also don't be fooled by the page count - it's only 51 pages, not 71, the rest is an excerpt from another Star Wars novel.
review 2: My rating is 3.5 stars.A short story
... morethat introduces the storyline of the New Jedi Order and involves everbody's favorite bounty hunter. This short story is about the Vong meeting up with the Mandalorians. I liked the story up until the ending. Even though this was a short story, I thought the ending was a little abrupt. I think fans of Boba Fett will enjoy how he handles situations and how his plans are well thought out. less
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Good quick e-book. Have read other Karen Traviss Star Wars novels & would recommend.
Good short read, fills in some interesting details about the early NJO era.
In my book Karen Traviss writes the best Boba Fett.
Fun, quick read on Boba Fett
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