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Breaking Bad (2014)

by Karin Tabke(Favorite Author)
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Karin Tabke LLC
Bad Boys of the Bay
review 1: Suspense, mystery, love, lust, and intrigue! Who wouldn't want to read a book about that? Add in Stevie a strong and independent woman focused on getting the bad guys and Jack the determined and dominant agent who hasn't been able to get Stevie out of his system. This story was dangerously addicting and such a great book. I truly enjoyed being thrown into the Bad Boys world.Stevie and Jack were hot and cold at times. But when they were hot, well they were on fire. They were each others matches and the way the story unfolds is definitely appealing. The nature of it all is get the bad guy and make sure nothing distracts you from the end goal. This was a hard pill to swallow for Stevie and Jack and one that could cost them more then their lives.Breaking Bad was a well... more written and the twists and turns made for a exciting story. I look forward to reading more in this series!!!!
review 2: Stevie (female) and Jack met when she was at the police academy. They had a one-night stand (her a virgin), and then he disappeared, no contact in the next seven years. The book opens with her pursuing a serial killer with local police as a detective, and he is assigned from the FBI to assist. I'm not a big fan of bickering and backbiting comments to the hilt. Both of these individuals are supposedly career law enforcement professionals. They bicker and posture about whose case it is to the point of being a detriment to the case. When Jack shows up, Stevie slaps him in the face within minutes due to past hurts. That is the not professional. He threatens to spank her for her behavior. Again, these are professionals? I kept reading.It would start to even out between them, and I would get engrossed in the case against the suspected murderer (interesting), and then they would be back to the childish bickering .... back and forth. She hates him, then they have sex, he feels trapped, he feels more for her, then he feels he should stop the relationship now because he will eventually leave. They sounded like my kids griping and sniping all day.The good? Good crime story, would have loved more focus on that. Good buddy relationships. Stevie's history with her law enforcement family explains some of her issues for sure. That was a tough upbringing, but the way it was written it was chaotically presented, thus prohibiting me from feeling much sympathy for her. Jack's dominant, alpha personality could have been very sexy, but instead came off to me as something arrogant and selfish instead. I was in no way convinced he cared at all for her truly. So, 3 stars for me. If you are a big fan of the H and h showing their passion in fighting and arguing (lots of readers do I know!), you may very well like this one. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review. less
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Love me some caveman Jack!! Review coming soon. :D
good read
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