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Watson And Holmes - A Study In Black (2013)

by Karl Bollers(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 3
1939516013 (ISBN13: 9781939516015)
New Paradigm Studios
review 1: I enjoyed this novel and might continue with the series. I'm not really into Sherlock Holmes, per se. I haven't read many of the original stories, but I do enjoy some adaptations, and this was interesting. I like the urban setting, and the story line is good. There isn't as much deduction, but its there. I like the Watson character, though he makes me sad, and Holmes with dreadlocks is a good look. I wish the artwork was a bit more sharp/clear, but it is good.
review 2: This graphic novel treads the steps of "Elementary", by going for a major change (placing Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in Harlem, New York), and going for a rather revolutionary move (making both of them black/coloured/African-American [take your pick, I am really not that strong on latest ve
... morersion of political correctness]). The story begins with two strands, and after lots of meandering, merges at the end, shedding a lot of blood and other emotions in its wake. The artwork is not exceptional, but good. The story has its strengths, and a rather perverse kind of fascination-inducing ability by virtue of its dialogues & violence (which seems to be belonging to a different dimension altogether, in comparison to the fin-de-siecle England, and yet which fits Sherlock Holmes neatly). Despite a few loose strands, I am fairly sure that I have fallen in love with this latest version of the dynamic duo, and would be returning to them as soon as the next volume is out. Recommended. less
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Not enough of a mystery or enough of a solution. It was a bit disappointing.
really enjoyed it. can't wait to get the next volume.
This is a clever take on a classic, done Brilliantly.
It wasn't bad- definitely worked.
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