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The Green (2012)

by Karly Kirkpatrick(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 3
DarkSide Publishing
review 1: Ari is a Latino teen in the Chicago suburbs who makes a difficult choice to become a drug dealer in order to stay in the prestigious school district which will be the spring board to her future after her drug dealing brother takes off leaving the family short of money.If she can pull it off, that is. A book with a plausible feel, well written. Maybe a little too happily-ever-after of an ending considering the subject matter, but enjoyable nonetheless.
review 2: 4 starsTAri is in her senior year. She wants to major in journalism at the best university. She wants to go there: In order for her dream to come true she needs: The Green"In order to get the green I had to sell the green."In love with her best friend's ex-boyfriend, she has more than one problem to solv
... moree. And she has to work them out hurriedly.Ari is a tough Latina, who likes to listen to rap. How cool is that! She gets what she wants. She is no self-doubting wallflower. She is a hard working real girl. What's more, both her best friend and James, the love interest were superb characters. I can't say that I've seen tons of character development, but I liked how things got resolved in the end.Cold, detached adult-child and parent-child relationship seems the pattern in Karly Kirkpatrick's books. Which is kind of a trend now, but in her books it's very conspicuous. And in this book, it really worked. It was even necessary, storywise.I kinda wanted to read this, because I love Breaking Bad (the tv show), and the concept of The Green sounded a little like that. This book is not for everyone, but I for one really enjoyed it. And I even recommend it, if you want something 'out of the box'. less
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Seriously, not everything a teen says ends in an exclamation point. Ending completely ridiculous.
cute, corny, predictable. It moved a little slow and then bam it was over
Not Bad. I was really surprised at how much I liked it :)
I just won this e-book. I'll read it in a few days.
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