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Assassin's Accomplice (2008)

by Kate Clifford Larson(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 5
0465038158 (ISBN13: 9780465038152)
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review 1: A good presentation of the context of the Lincoln assassination from the point of view of southern sympathizers. The author also provided a lot of details of Mary's life, which were very interesting. The trial is well documented here also, albeit a bit tedious to go through all the witness testimony. It's a bit sad that Mary's defense was bungled to such an extent and that she hanged. She was certainly far from a bystander of the whole thing, but perhaps did not deserve to lose her life.
review 2: I knew very little about Mary Surratt before reading this book, and thanks to the hard work done by Kate Larson I can no longer say that. I loved every minute of this book and the fact that when the author started her research she was hoping to prove Mary’s innocen
... morece but in the end found her guilt overwhelming. Mary was not only a female accomplice in the plot to kidnap/kill Abraham Lincoln, but was also the first woman to be executed by the U.S. Her story is an amazing part of U.S. History. less
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Good, short book about Mary Suratt's involvement in the Lincoln assassination plot.
This is one of those books that ought to be good but felt like it would never end.
Impeccably researched. Intriguing how much Mary really knew.
This was a boring book and not worth reading.
very interesting & well written
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