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Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems (2012)

by Kate Coombs(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 4
081187284X (ISBN13: 9780811872843)
Chronicle Books
review 1: This book is a collection of short poems about the sea and ocean life by Kate Coombs, beautifully illustrated with watercolor pictures by Meilo So. The prose can be quite the tongue twisters at time and may not be appropriate for young children because of some of the more advanced words, but for a child roughly 6-8 years old that likes ocean life and poetry this is the book for them. This book would be a good candidate to be read to a child or group of children. I really liked this book and would give it a big thumbs up. ~The Librarian Uncle
review 2: I am late reading this; many reviewed the book months ago, but I just never had it. I love how creative writers can be when they use real information and write about it so beautifully. Coombs has written of many
... more of my own favorites, and adds her own ideas about the sea creatures. She traces sand from its beginnings, calling the ocean waves “its breaker and maker, which is its maker.” Then, there are the varieties of food available, called “Tide Pool Shopping” There is also a gorgeous vertical page including a whale & a ship wreck below, and a page filled with all kinds of shells. This poem is called “Ocean Realty”, spouting off some ideas for hermit crabs. It’s quite fun to figure that those little white crabs have so many varieties to choose from. I can see students of varied ages reading this and enjoying Coomb’s ideas for including information about a topic. less
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Loved the poem about seagulls and beagles. And Ocean Realty. Just to name a few.
Watercolor illustrations add to the nature of these ocean themed poems
Lovely poetry and water color paintings about the ocean and beach.
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