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Los Ojos Amarillos De Los Cocodrilos (2000)

by Katherine Pancol(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 3
8497349237 (ISBN13: 9788497349239)
review 1: Josephine will easily feel like your best friend or next door neighbor! You'll want to turn the pages to know what is going on in her busy house.The only thing I didn't like was how the author moved from one period to another. The characters seem to be enjoying Christmas only to find them in the not so distantly spaced paragraph , to be at home with their respective families, eating dinner or doing homework.Apart from that, the book is fun , light, and definitely funny. It really is a treat!
review 2: Either this book is badly translated or French readers have no taste whatsoever. Actually it got raves in the US as well and I really can't understand it. The writing is simply awful. It reads like chick lit of the worst kind--no characterization--the people are
... moreflat as cardboard, no background--the story takes place in a suburb of Paris and a crocodile farm in Africa, yet we might be in the middle of the USA for all the background description included--and all the people are either horrible, grasping, complaining or stupid. This is supposed to be funny but the comedy has been lost in translation.Josephine, a drab French housewife, is left by her awful husband who goes off with another woman, leaving her with 2 girls, the older of whom is shallow, spoiled, constantly whining and only loves her mother when she gets her way. She talks to her mother in such a spiteful, mean way, I cannot believe any mother would not see through this or accept it, but Josephine appears to be a mat on which people are allowed to wipe their feet and they do. Josephine's mother is a tyrant and insults her all the time, her sister Iris also puts her down and Josephine takes it all. We are supposed to believe that during the course of this book she learns to dress with Paris chic, lose weight, become more courageous, and make tons of money at the same time as becoming famous. Actually, I skipped a lot of this book because the writing was so awful and so unbelievable. Not recommended at all despite the raves. Wait for the movie. less
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3 parts Nancy Mitford, 1.8 parts Bridget Jones, 0.2 parts Cyrano de Bergerac.
I really liked it
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