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Deliver Me From Evil (2011)

by Kathi Macias(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 3
1596693061 (ISBN13: 9781596693067)
New Hope Publishers (AL)
review 1: Deliver Me From Evil is an eye-opening experience. Kathi expertly handles a subject most of us would rather pretend doesn't exist. Her characters are so real and stories so gripping, you end the book wanting to know what happens with them long term. What does Jonathan's college days look like? How will he end up doing what God has laid on his heart to do? And what about Leah? Will her involvement cause her to become a victim at some point or will God protect her in her efforts to serve him? And what of Mara? What becomes of her. Or the girl in Thailand? Kathi, I want to know more and look forward to reading book 2 in the Freedom Series!
review 2: This is a very difficult book to read because of the subject matter, sexual trafficking, but fascinating and worthwh
... moreile. It is, however, definitely not a feel good book. I believe it is only through the Lord's strength and healing that someone could escape this horror and lead a normal life afterward. Some of the characters grow in their relationship with God as they learn to make difficult choices, and it also deals with guilt and betrayal. Kathi Mills-Macias does a marvelous job of tackling a very difficult subject, and it certainly opened my eyes to some of the horrors that go on in our world today. This is the first book in a new series, The Freedom Series, and I look forward to reading the others as they are written. less
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Kathi does an amazing job dealing with a difficult subject with great sensitivity!
Very good book to read...tough subject...human trafficking.
Great story line, but poorly written.
Wonderful as all of her books are!
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