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Robinson Alone (2012)

by Kathleen Rooney(Favorite Author)
4.46 of 5 Votes: 3
0983700141 (ISBN13: 9780983700142)
Gold Wake Press
review 1: A sporadically interesting book of poems, as Rooney maps Kees life back onto the Robinson character Kees used as a screen for his experiences and reflections. I think the primary element here is the internal rhyme, which does recall Kees and which is, for a while, really appealing, making these poems sparkle, feeling very witty and urbane. But as the book continues, the effect of the rhyme does become kind of grating. The first sections of the book, I felt, lived very much on the surface. But the last section, which chronicles Robinson/ Kees' breakdown, was very moving.
review 2: Who would have thought a poetry cycle about the late poet and artist Weldon Kees could have been brought about so successfully, and hold our attention so well with its lyric touch, rem
... moreiniscent in places of John Berryman but distinctively the author's own, and tart, sorrowful but never maudlin unfoldings? Kees died an apparent suicide after throwing himself off the Golden Gate Bridge; this book is a faithful, but not unduly, reverent, homage, that holds you with each page, and each line. less
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I loved, loved, loved this book. I found myself rereading poems over and over - even out loud.
This narrative told in poems is beautiful and haunting.
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