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Searching For Tomorrow (2013)

by Kathryn McNeill Crane(Favorite Author)
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1493542672 (ISBN13: 9781493542673)
review 1: "This feeling is one that has overwhelmed me many times in recent years as I struggle to find my way through each and every, single, solitary, crazy day."Wrynn has lost her life as she knew it when Tripp, her childhood love, died in war. He left her with three beautiful daughters that Wrynn struggles to raise due to her debilitating grief. She is very lucky to have the help of her parents and twin brother Liam and the unfortunate help of her monster-in-law, Mother Tidwell. We watch as Wrynn gets her life back and slowly reconnects with the world as she comes to terms with every day life without Tripp."As my pit of despair and depression has grown, the 'me' I used to be struggles harder to come back to the surface. I find myself more and more disorganized and disheveled, an... mored the strong independent person of my past becomes buried a little more each day."This story has a dual time POV. We hear one chapter from the present and then we go onto the past for one chapter. I couldn't get enough of the past story. It was a romance made for the movies and so sweet. I felt myself falling in love with Tripp as Wrynn did. The extra kicker was the way her, Tripp, and Liam all grew up together and Tripp was welcomed so easily into their family. The present part of the story was also very empowering as we watch Wrynn deal with her grief and realize she needs to become the person she once was even without Tripp being in her life."Tripp and I were the best of friends before we even thought about love. I've had the fairy tale life, where like turns into love, and love becomes happily ever after, only my forever love ended much too soon."So this story took me on an emotional roller coaster. I had to know more of how her and Tripp came to be and the events that led him to enroll into the Army where she would lose him. The way he proposed was so sweet, I found myself wanting to swap spots with her. If only I could find a man as wonderfully sweet as that in real life. Not only was it an emotional roller coaster, there were some serious bombs dropped in this book. Some happy, some sad but I loved them all the same. Liam had a intriguing story as well and I am hoping he gets his own book (it was made to seem like there would be) and I look forward to reading it when and if that time comes. I really enjoyed this story and felt my eyes "watering" a few times, okay maybe more than a few.I recommend it to anyone that loves a sweet romance, some heartbreak, and second chances.Reviewed by Mystery for Crystal’s Many Reviewers*Copy provided for honest review*
review 2: I received a copy from the author for an honest review.Let me start out first with I am a veteran and military spouse. When Kathryn had mentioned military I had told her I was very picky on how authors write about the military. Some get it wrong and some well some just have no clue. Kathryn did very well portraying ARMY life as a spouse. It was like living it all over again. Just reading what Wrynn had gone through while Tripp was gone brought tears and over whelming sadness.Wrynn's and Tripp's love for one another was young and beautiful and refreshing. Just knowing that childhood, high school sweethearts really happen. Tripp's dedication to Wrynn was over the top joyful and you would thought Wrynn was a princess.In Searching for Tomorrow we meet Wrynn, Liam and Tripp. Wrynn and Liam are twins and Tripp he was a friend they took in and became a member of their family. You could say they were from 2 different worlds but the way Tripp acted you wouldn't have known. The way Kathryn described everything it felt like you were walking with Wrynn and Tripp while out on their hikes, or sitting eating their ice cream. It was like walking down through town with the characters and you were beside them. Every chapter you read, you got the back story to it in the next chapter. If you felt lost reading something in a chapter the next showed you how things were when they were in high school, or just starting out their adult lives. For every tear you shed you laughed. I swear I wanted to slap mother Tidwell just as much as Liam and Wrynn's family did. I mean what mother doesn't show their child love, compassion and need? Mother Tidwell that is who. We learn her side of things and I tell you what that pissed me off even more. I wanted to get on Facebook and scream at Kathryn but I didn't. I told myself to keep reading something has to give, and it sure did.I haven't been a military spouse since 2008. My husband was medical boarded out due to an injury. I miss that connection with other spouses but like Wrynn I have a few that I know I can call and they will come help me out. Just the mention of The Wounded Warriors brings tears to my eyes. I know what families are going through. It is tough and not everyone can handle it.That being said and without giving to much away. I had a feeling that something major was going to happen and when it did I had to grab the tissue box. I couldn't believe it. I was like Wrynn. I thought I was reading something that wasn't there. I had to pinch myself and rub my eyes to be sure I was reading what I was reading. It was magical and beautiful and just thinking about it now makes me want to cry some more. I am going to say this: You need to pick up Searching for Tomorrow. It isn't erotica, it is refreshing true love type of read. A read that has a man who will do anything for his family. So while your done reading my review, go get yourself a copy. less
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Holy crap! Did not expect that (happy) ending at all!!!
perfect story!
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