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Clover Twig And The Incredible Flying Cottage (2008)

by Kaye Umansky(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 3
074759063X (ISBN13: 9780747590637)
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
review 1: Clover Twig is a clever and strong girl. When the village witch, Mrs. Eckles, advertises for a live-in housekeeper, Clover jumps at the chance to help her family (and have her own room). The cottage quickly comes together under Clover's capable hands. However, life is not meant to run smoothly for the little house. The evil Mesmeranza has a diabolical plan for the cottage which of course involves just the right outfit, a spectacular hairdo, and the perfect pair of red shoes! Wait, how could I forget cake?! A scrumptious cake with white icing and a big red cherry is crucial to Mesmeranza's evil doings. Can Clover protect her new home with the help of her clumsy friend Wilf and Mrs. Eckles' familiar, the mangy cat Neville?A fun adventure full of quirky characters made this a... more quick and enjoyable read. I don't usually like silly fantasy, but for some reason this one worked. The characters are interesting and I found myself hoping that Wilf would get over his clumsiness and that Neville would get a proper bath so Clover wouldn't be so disgusted by him.
review 2: This is a fun little story about a responsible, hard-working, clever heroine (Clover Twig), a bumbling but lovable sidekick (Wilf), a well-meaning but absent-minded witch (Mrs. Eckles), and an evil-intentioned but vain sister witch (Mezmeranza). There is an assortment of other hilarious characters as well. Adventure, danger, intrigue await--the Brits know how to write fun fantasy. Why only 3 stars? (It's more like 3.5). First: the illustrations just didn't work for me: a little too whimsical and "light" for the story in my opinion.Second: the dialogue contains some crude language (British slang--maybe not quite a recognizable to young American ears) that just felt a bit "old" for the audience. It won't jump out at most, probably, and generally fits with the character. Still.... less
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Last book I read for the LRC 2011. Cute. Couldn't get Daniel to give it a go.
Read it to my daughter. A good bedtime story for kids.
She gave it 60 stars.
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