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We're Alive: A Story Of Survival, The First Season (2011)

by K.C. Wayland(Favorite Author)
4.45 of 5 Votes: 3
145511457X (ISBN13: 9781455114573)
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We're Alive
review 1: I cannot believe I made it all the way through this. I was fed up by the third chapter, but the person who recommended it to me (over and over) promised it would get better. Long story short, it never did. The whole thing is unoriginal, the characters are laughably one - dimensional stereotypes, and the dialogue is terrible. It's also juvenile and chock full of sexism. Feels like a thirteen year old wrote this, and the acting isn't any better. I'm sorry I wasted so much time here, it's the sort of thing I usually don't bother finishing.
review 2: Wow. This was GREAT. I am so used to audiobooks where there is just one narrator and normally I am quite conscious they are reading from a book. This podcast has a whole cast, sound effects (excellent ones) and a re
... moreal ambiance that made it feel more like a movie without pictures. A little slow to start but by the last third I was sneaking off to listen to just a little bit more. Lots of action, zombie gore, suspense and humour. Loved it. Season 2 already downloaded :) less
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WOW! Cannot recommend this enough. Great production, great cast and a cracking story.
Simply awesome dramatic podcast that is free on iTunes.
Love the characters. Story is great too.
GREAT LISTEN!!! gahhh zombies!!
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