Murder at the Brightwell 6 – The End (Chapters 21 – end)



I couldn’t have guessed the killer. I actually thought that the murderer might be the one person who the police had first suspected: Gil. I was wrong in that sense.

Amory gets disappointed when on returning to the hotel, she learns that Milo has left for London. All her hopes for her marriage vanish, especially when she calls their apartment in London, and a woman answers the phone.

That night Gil comes to her room drunk, and he starts going on and on about his feelings for her. Gil kisses her, but Amory stops him as she doesn’t feel right doing this. The following day Amory continues her enquiries, and she learns a few things. Milo arrived earlier than he claimed, and he was the one who told the police that he had seen Gil on the terrace the day Rupert was killed.

That night there is a storm and Amory falls asleep in her room. When she wakes up, she realises that everything is in darkness. There has been a power cut. Gil and Emmeline come to find her, and they gather in the sitting room. Everybody is there, and as they talk, Emmeline mentions a lighter that Rupert was fond of, but the police didn’t give it to her. So she thinks that Rupert must have had in a treasure box that he usually had with him all the time.

In that moment Amory realises that the box could still be in Rupert’s room, so she feels she needs to get into the room. Excusing herself, she leaves the sitting room, and in the hall she drops the light she was carrying, causing a little fire. While the receptionist puts out the fire, Amory takes the key to the room. Before having a look at Rupert’s room, she drops by her room, and she is surprised to find Milo. They have a tense conversation, about his lies, his accusations, and she shows him an article that her cousin Laurel sent him. In that article there is a photograph of Milo at a casino table, and close by is Rupert. Amory accuses him of lying because he had claimed he didn’t know Rupert. Milo insists that the photograph is no proof that he knew the man because he didn’t know him. Then Amory realises that when Milo left their hideout in Harrison’s room, he could have had time to kill the man. As she utters her suspicions, Milo looks at her hurt and disappointed, and even though Amory feels his pain, she doesn’t do anything to stop him from leaving.

Amory finally enters Rupert’s room and finds the box. What she finds there is a love letter signed by just an initial L. Then the revelation comes when the killer points at Amory with a gun. The murderer is mousy Larissa Hamilton, and as she threatens Amory, she explains that Larissa and Rupert were in love when they were younger. Yet, they had no money, so they parted ways. Larissa married Nelson for his money, and when Rupert and Larissa met again, they started an affair. The plan was for Rupert to marry Emmeline, and then they would kill both Emmeline and Nelson and get their money. Yet, things changed because Rupert told her that he didn’t want to go along with their plans as he really loves Emmeline. Feeling angry and upset, Larissa hit him with her cigarette case, making him fall over the railing. Then once without Rupert, Larissa decided to kill Nelson anyway, and now since Amory knows the truth, Larissa needs to kill her as well. Thankfully, Amory hits her and manages to make her drop the gun and pins her to the floor. Then Gil and the detective appear, and the woman is taken away. I have to say that I never guessed the killer.

The following day Amory finds Milo on the terrace. She tries to apologise, but what he says is true. Not once did she doubt Gil’s innocence, but she was ready to believe that Milo was the culprit. In the end Milo says that he is returning to Europe and doesn’t know when he will return. Amory is left desolate, and then Gil appears. He claims that Milo has sent him. Amory learnt the day before that the reason why Olive Henderson tried to kill herself was not because of Rupert, but because she was miserable for losing Gil, who she is in love with. Now Amory and Gil talk, and she admits to him that she loves Milo, and the past is well left in the past. Gil confesses that he also cares for Olive, and Amory tells him that he should be honest with Olive and try to build a life with him.

Now that things are sorted out, Amory takes the train to London. She feels lonely and sad, and as the train departs, Milo appears in their department. He comes to her, asking her about Gil, and she says that there is nothing between them other than friendship. Milo then says that the allure of Europe has waned in comparison with the idea of being with Amory. Oh I loved that ending!!! I will definitely read more about Amory and Milo in the future!!

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