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Trusting Thomas (2013)

by K.C. Wells(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 3
1627983295 (ISBN13: 9781627983297)
Dreamspinner Press
Collars and Cuffs
review 1: Wow, what a great book. Ever since I met Thomas in the first book, I had been dying to know more about him and was so happy when I saw that the second book was about him. I really liked the interaction between him and Peter and how Thomas helped him heal. I also like the character of Peter and how it added an emotional depth to the story while managing to stay light and not too heavy. the writing style was good as well and the sex scens were hot and steamy as expected. I really enjoyed this book and I would recommand it to anyone who wants to read a good erotic M/M romance with a good story.
review 2: K. C. Wells should be thrilled with the person that gave this story a 1 star review on Amazon. It was the very reason I purchased this book and wow, am I ever gla
... mored I did. This was simply stunning. I was hooked from page 1 and didn't want the story to end. I've read many stories with the D/s theme and this is one of the best. So anyone reading a review, don't be put off by a bad one because you may end up passing up a real treat! less
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written like guide to bdsm. bdsm 101
Liked it. Quite a bit.
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