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The Eve (2000)

by Keary Taylor(Favorite Author)
4.37 of 5 Votes: 5
The Eden Trilogy
review 1: You know that book that was so good that you don't want anyone else to read it, because it was like, yours and only yours? That's how I feel with The Eve. The Eve is going on my Top Five Favorite Books. I really enjoyed Eve finally become "human" and start trusting Avian with her feelings. This was also a very "High-Stakes" book. Like, if Eve and her team didn't succeed, the world would basically end. There were so many things that could go wrong, and I really liked this one because, for the most part, nothing did go wrong. Sure there were plot twists, but it wasn't like the author decided that Lady Luck seriously had a grudge against the characters. Not very many books do that, and it was refreshing to see the characters catch a break for once, especially Eve. I didn't r... moreealize how attached I was to the characters until the end. Keary Taylor did a very good job in making me slowly fall in love with the characters. Like Bill. I loved the mystery surrounding him and enjoyed the fact that we could keep it a mystery.
review 2: Eve has found salvation. But all is not as it seems, danger is lurking right around the corner, Eve is the key to it all, but can she do it, or will it all prove too much?Eve must decide between Avian and West. When death comes-a-calling, she has to make a decision, but who will it be?Much preferred this over the other two in the series, as I felt there was more life/feeling coming off of the pages. I wish I could of given it 4 or 5 stars...But I can't, there were too many annoying flaws in the storyline. For example how the occasional bane managed to attack her...but this shouldn't have occurred as she would of been giving out 'don't touch me' brain waves, which would of repelled them.Overall, if you can manage to give the plot a blind eye, I definitely recommend.Written well, and is fairly interesting for the most part. However, there are lots of plot holes, which are really, really, annoying. less
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Wow! I'm speechless ... This was an amazing ending to an awesome series!
Predictable ending but i still enjoyed the book :)
Really great story. Loved the characters.
ending to a great story as it should been!
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