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What The Heart Takes (2000)

by Kelli McCracken(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: 4.5 StarsForced into hiding Dylan, Heaven and Layne are stuck on an island. And their connections are causing allot of strain on their relationships. Heaven knows her relationship with Layne needs to become stronger, but convincing him is only part of the battle. The other part is convincing her husband it needs to happen.Dylan is fighting his jealousy over the relationship between Heaven and her Keeper. Their kiss remains a point of contention between them and even though he says he'll try to accept what needs to happen between Layne and Heaven his actions prove otherwise.Layne is becoming more powerful, but nowhere near where he needs to be in order to truely be able to protect Heaven. The feelings he tries to hide are becoming stronger and he's starting to realize is ma... morey not be hiding them as well as he thinks.This story continues the journey of Heaven, Dylan, and Layne as their learn more about themselves and the world they are a part of. We see more of their strugles with Dylan's Father and those who want to hurt Heaven. And how the relationships between these three push and pull them in different directions. There's more drana with Faith and we see more of the parents and how their decisions have shaped things as they are now.
review 2: 5/5 StarsKelli McCracken's What the Heart Takes (Soulmate #3) is the continuation of What the Heart Wants and What the Heart Needs. You must read this series in order.As my previous reviews for this series stated, paranormal is not my normal genre of choice and I must say that although the book has paranormal aspects, it is not extremely overdone. The wait to read What the Heart Takes has been well worth it. Each of the characters has been unfolding throughout the series. What the Heart Takes is filled with love, tenderness, worry, heartache and much, much more and my own heart does not know which way to turn when it comes to Layne and Dylan. Just like Heaven -- each of them claim a piece of my heart. The push and pull between Heaven, Dylan and Layne is riveting. Layne, as Heaven’s Keeper, has a duty to her but hesitates to fully commit to their connection because of his sense of loyalty to his best friend, Dylan. Layne’s deeper feelings and attraction for Heaven are also holding him back, because not only is she the source of his power but she’s also the source of his frustration.Heaven is pushing Layne to foster their connection because the stronger their connection the better their abilities to defend those that mean her harm. Although secretly she is fearful of her deeper feelings for Layne as well. Dylan is having a hard time letting the relationship he knows needs to happen between his wife and his best friend evolve because he’s afraid of it tearing his relationship apart. Not only do they have these issues to contend with but they must continue to worry about Dylan’s dad, Nate, “The Fallen,” [who are the Seekers and Keepers who have turned to the dark path], wanting Heaven dead and Layne’s ability to protect them when he hasn’t quite learned how to control his own powers.Without giving anything away, I will say that I have enjoyed the entire series thus far, but I must say that What the Heart Takes is by far my favorite. I look forward to seeing where Kelli goes from here because each turn of the page brings more greatness!!! I really adore her style of writing – the story flows well. I am looking forward to even more!Chrissy less
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Wow the best of the series so far. gotta love some Layne. can't wait for book 4
This book was kinda dragged out. But I'm team Dylan all the way.
Oh my gosh just finish it please. Its too dragged out.
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