Review – The Obelisk Gate

I continued to be enamored with this series. N. K. Jemisin’s writing is beautiful, and the world she’s created is so rich and complex. Her characters leap off the page they’re so full of life, and with this second book, the plot swings towards a final destination. All with new (and sometimes horrifying) twists.

Essun continues to be a powerhouse lead, and we get to see her daughter Nassun throughout this book. We also learn more about the stone eaters and their motivations, even while they remain mysterious. Everything about these characters is darkly intriguing, and becoming even more so as the Season sets in and begins to envelop the world in force.

These are slow burning books (fitting for something centered around earth and stone), so if you are looking for action-heavy fantasy, you may not find what you’re after here. But there is plenty of tension throughout this story. The series is an engrossing read, and I cannot wait to get a copy of the third book.

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