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A Is For Abstinence (2000)

by Kelly Oram(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 6
V is for Virgin
review 1: "She still saw the old me. The younger, stupid, cocky rock star who only knew how to live in the moment and never considered the future. How could I make her understand that I was different?'I'm here because I'm tired of "five minutes at a time." I'm looking for the chance to have something real.'Val considered this a moment. 'And you believe you'll find that with me?'I nodded. 'I don't think you'd be capable of anything less. You are't the type of woman a guy picks up at a bar and takes home for the weekend, Val. You're the kind we see going out with other men that makes us wonder what the hell we're doing wrong.'"
review 2: Me gustó que Kyle y Val tuvieran su final feliz, pero no me gustó la historia.Es muy poco realista como maneja la fama Kyle, en mi punt
... moreo de vista. Además *y esto no es spoiler porque lo dice en el epílogo de V is for Vigen* Kyle deja a su novia y corre a los brazos de Val despues de años, de repente se da cuenta que siempre la amó y que nunca la olvido -.- y ella lo recibe con los brazos abiertos pfff. less
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I loved these 2 books!!! Made my long journey to and from my hometown a breeze.
Cuter than the first Literally so cute
This story is just perfect!
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