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The Tighty Whitey Spider: And More Wacky Animal Poems I Totally Made Up (2010)

by Kenn Nesbitt(Favorite Author)
4.25 of 5 Votes: 5
1402238339 (ISBN13: 9781402238338)
review 1: Loved it! Lately I've really missed reading bedtime stories to Jared (he's 9 going on 13). Then I found this at the library and family poetry night was born. We took turns choosing and reading aloud these silly poems. Some are set to tunes like take me out to the ball game and so there was singing too. Jared laughed and Ryan laughed and I laughed. My personal favorites are Tighty Whitey Spider and Ferret Soccer (sung to the tune of Frére Jacques). "ferret soccer ferret soccer.....").
review 2: The Tighty Whitey Spider is quite possibly one of the cutest poetry book I have ever seen for kids. Almost every poem has an adorable illustration to go along with the poem, which will undoubtedly help keep your child's attention. In addition, some of these poems are dow
... morenright hilarious. I found myself laughing out loud on a number of these poems.If the hilarious poems and adorable illustrations were not enough, there is also a free audio download available. In this audio, readers can listen along as the author reads (and even sings) some of the poems. I took a few minutes to listen to the audio, and have to say that it is a great accompaniment to the novel. The Tighty Whitey Spider would be a great addition to any parent's library who is wanting to introduce poetry to their younger children or expand on their relationship with poetry. less
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(poetry) These poems are tons of fun! My kids love Kenn Nesbitt!
A delightful collection of fun poetry that kids will love!
very entertaining! A new Shel Silverstein
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