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My Hippo Has The Hiccups With CD: And Other Poems I Totally Made Up (A Poetry Speaks Experience) (2009)

by Kenn Nesbitt(Favorite Author)
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1402218095 (ISBN13: 9781402218095)
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review 1: I was immediately lost in the writing of this book, as it is so engaging. This is a great book of poetry that is guaranteed to have children laughing and ultimately realizing that poetry can be a lot of fun to read and write. It is a wonderful text that shows children how writing poetry isn't a tedious task and can encompass many emotions, not just serious or sad. I will have this for my students in my classroom library for them to read. I would also like to make copies for us to share as a class and rehearse them during transition times throughout the day.
review 2: My Hippo has the Hiccups and Other Poems I Totally Made Up by Kenn Nesbitt is a book of poems. The age group this book is intended for is primary to intermediate. This book has an assortment of sil
... morely, rhyming, fictional poems.I thought this book was hilarious and I enjoyed the creativity and silliness of the poems. I was laughing out loud reading these poems because of the puns, spoofs on fairy tales, and some of the details in these short poems. The illustrations were simple and in black and white. If you stop to look at the title and the illustration you could guess what it was about, but sometimes he’d throw in a surprise ending, for example, “Learning How to Juggle,” at the end he was throwing saws and hammers and hatchets, but then he admits, “I just haven’t learned to catch.” Okay, maybe a little corny, but cute. It was very creative and hard to choose a favorite, but I really liked “I Often Contradict Myself.” It was full of contradictions.I would recommend this book for young readers because it was enjoyable and it shows children they can have fun with reading, and be creative and silly with writing. less
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One of my kids favorites. I think they know them all by heart and the accompanying CD is fun, too!
Kids like it. The poems are clever and the kids get most of them and laugh.
Fun, silly, black and white line drawings, similar to Shel Silverstein.
Super clever and funny poems.
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