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My Hippo Has The Hiccups (2009)

by Kenn Nesbitt(Favorite Author)
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1402249136 (ISBN13: 9781402249136)
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
review 1: The first book I chose to review is My Hippo Has the Hiccups and Other Poems I Totally Made Up by Kenn Nesbitt. His poetry makes kids want to read it because they are funny and are very creative. There are about 110 poems in this book. All of the poems are short enough so that the reader does not lose interest in it and the meaning of the poem is easy to understand. The title of the poems state exactly what the poem is going to be about. He also uses a lot of the poetry techniques. He is a big fan of alliteration, imagery, metaphor, narrative poetry, personification, rhythm, and rhyme. Also, he writes about subjects that kids like to read about. He has poems about animals, monsters, robots, magic, pirates, and so much more. This poetry book is perfect for kids from five to... more eight years old or the primary group of kids. The poems contain words that are not too difficult for a child to read. There are other poems that read like a song. For example, there is a poem titled My Bunny Lies Over My Doggy and it is to be read like the song My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean. If a parent is reading this to their child, the child will be able to put that connection together, hopefully. Even though the illustrations are in black and white, they give a great visual effect for the reader because the author writes what color it should be. In the poem, Sea Monster’s Complaint, there is a picture of what that sea monster might look like. The illustrator, Ethan Long, is very creative with his drawings. Instead of confining a picture to one little section of the page, he works a whole picture around the poem; above, below and on the sides of the text, which is a great technique. The shapes are clear and marked with a definite outline. I recommend this book to anybody who needs a good laugh. Kenn Nesbitt uses all of his imagination to write poetry. His poems are fun and easy to read, short, and there is no hidden meaning to his words. He means exactly what he writes! In high school, students need to pick apart the poem line by line in order to understand what it means but this book is straightforward and everybody’s interpretations will be the same thing.
review 2: As I looked through this book, I immediately was wrapped up and lost in the writing. This is a great book of poetry that is guaranteed to have the children full of giggles and realizing that poetry can be a lot of fun. It is a wonderful text that shows children how writing poetry isn't as tedious of a task as often thought. In addition, listeners will enjoy the 39 poems on the CD that accompanies the book, which is wonderful for children who have not started to read yet.After reading this poetry book, I was extremely impressed by the talent of this author. I actually am interested in finding other poem books he has written to potentially add to my collection as well. The poems are funny and short, which is the perfect combination for children. It also provides children with good ideas for writing their own poetry. Kenn Nesbitt actually teaches children that there is a poet inside each and every one of them. I cannot wait to share this poetry text with my students. I know it will provide some laughs to go along with their poetry experience. less
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they talk all about rmyes and they expliane te weird things in the world.
I'm sure this collection will be a kid favorite, but I wasn't impressed.
These poems will make you laugh. Good for all ages of children.
fantastic new poetry collection!
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