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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1 (2011)

by Kevin Eastman(Favorite Author)
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1613770073 (ISBN13: 9781613770078)
IDW Publishing
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Collection
review 1: Growing up, my first introduction to the Ninja Turtles was the 1987 cartoon. I was 3 and apparently hooked for life. I had all the action figures and practically every issue of the Archie series of "TMNT Adventures" comics. All that said, I kind of missed out on the original iteration of these four mutant turtles. And for anyone that knows, the Archie and cartoon Turtles are very different from the original comic. The Ultimate Edition collects the original series done by Eastman and Laird into a really beautiful oversized book (issues 1-7 in this volume). It's a great platform for these illustrations – they are absolutely gorgeous. Practically every page could be hung as a work of art. And the stories compliment the artwork well – great pacing and the right balance of ... more"grit" and wit. All in all, I'm so glad I revisited the books that set the stage for my biggest obsession as a kid. They're far too good to go unread!
review 2: Having read some of the early Mirage Turtle comics, I knew what I was getting into, but it was nice to not have to dig through my comics again just to read the first issue. I have a collected edition of issues 4-6, I believe, in color format, but I liked having everything all in one place and seeing it all in black and white. To me, it was like reading Turtle comics for the first time all over again. It was also good to go back and read what got me into indie comics in the first place. A lot of material is covered in this volume and it really helped to me see how Eastman and Laird matured not only in terms of storytelling, but also in terms of improving their artwork. Even though they their stuck to their roots -- mostly Jack Kirby and Frank Miller -- I liked seeing how Eastman and Laird's art styles maintained consistency not only because they were both doing the art, but also because they improved so much in so little time. That aspect was pointed out the annotations from what I remember, so I guess you could say it was reinforced. I truly enjoyed reading this volume and I will say that since it's practically the size of a DC absolute edition, I didn't mind the art being enlarged because I felt that it brought out a lot of detail and, as a result, the art popped off the pages. It's teams like Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird that will forever have left their mark in comics history and this graphic novel is proof of that. And even though the Turtles started out as a parody of Daredevil, Eastman and Laird have certainly impacted the way stories are told. Perhaps I'll read some of the other volumes if I get the chance. less
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It's not really a book, but damn. What an experience finally reading these.
Its TMNT. Nothing else needs to be said.
Some wild ninja turtle action!
Gourmet nostalgia.
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