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If You Give A Girl A Viscount (2011)

by Kieran Kramer(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 3
0312374046 (ISBN13: 9780312374044)
St. Martin's Paperbacks
Impossible Bachelors
review 1: 3.5And we have the conclusion of the Impossible Bachelors! If You Give a Girl a Viscount has a Cinderella vibe, but with a few twists that keep it from being overly Cinderella-y. (Because that's a word? It's totally a word.)I'm a wee bit disappointed we didn't get more of the godmother. She sounded like a treat with her fourteen (FOURTEEN!) goddaughters. But Kieran Kramer has an ability to write super fun supporting characters, from the Spinster Club in book 2 and Otis from book 3. It's just I want more of them.Daisy's doing everything she can to save her family's home, despite the lack of help from her stepmother and stepsisters. (See? Cinderella vibe!) And her godmother gives her... Charlie, the Viscount Lumely. Who, despite being rich, has given up his money.But this is... more good, since Charlie needs to, essentially, grow up and find who he is. Daisy, on the other hand, needs a champion...with money. Which is where much of the tension lies. I was able to guess some things, like the identity of the Keep's owner, before it even became an issue. But that could just be me and guessing how things had to go for plot purposes.Definitely a satisfying conclusion to the Impossible Bachelors series.
review 2: My first book from this author, who seems to specialize in entertaining titles taken from current popular culture.Pro: - liked the premise of variation-on-a-fairytale- liked how the hero has to achieve his goals without spending any money whatsoever. Historical romances abound with wealthy heroes and those who used their privileged connections to their advantage, so this was a refreshing change- liked how the "classic" elements of the cinderella tale were present in recognizable form, but given a twist - there are two revelations in the story; one I saw coming (but in a good way, in the sense that it was natural and logical for the circumstances of the story) and one, even better, that I hadn't seen comingCon:- there were a number of occasions when I felt confused by the speech, motivations, and actions/reactions or what seemed like inconsistency of several characters. For example, the stepmother at first is pleased to have an eligible, titled bachelor in her household as she hopes one of her daughters will succeed in ensnaring him into marriage. Yet she goes on to speak to him in a critical, superior manner (which he inexplicably puts up with), makes no effort to have the daughter spend time with him, and treats him, literally, like a menial servant (which he, again, puts up with). It made no sense that she wouldn't have tried to ingratiate herself more. Further examples could be spolierish so they won't be listed; suffice it to say that the total effect was bumpy. less
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Really good. I loved the scottish heritage in the novel.
Well written. Great story. Enjoyed it very much.
Hated the epilogue.
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