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The Truth Of All Things (2012)

by Kieran Shields(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 3
0307720276 (ISBN13: 9780307720276)
Archie Lean
review 1: This book was a good premise with a Sherlock Holmes style detective set in the New England of the 1890's. I was intrigued and on board. But like a train ride at the zoo, the plot didn't seem to go anywhere and wasn't concerned with getting there fast anyway. Maybe in the end it all came together in a thrilling conclusion, but I decided not to hang on that long. Too many characters with too little development couldn't be made up for by interesting historical trivia.
review 2: It seemed promising: Jack the Ripper-style period and a policing procedural with a socially inept Holmesian consultant. However, the plot meandered and I frankly didn't care about the solving of the case. It would have been fine had the mystery simply been a backdrop for the development o
... moref the characters' relationships, but things ended seeming stunted on that front - like the author ran out of steam. less
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Kind of slow. Which is fine though I usually prefer my mysteries to be faster paced.
I'm so glad I finally finished this book..... Now I can read something else!
Great whodunit, great writing and setting.
A bit slow at times, but worth reading.
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