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Brute (2012)

by Kim Fielding(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 4
162380227X (ISBN13: 9781623802271)
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: Going against the crowd here. I loved Guarded by Kim Fielding so I listened to this audiobook over the weekend. It was WAY TOO SLOW... At least an hour into the audiobook before the two main characters even met. Well, I think it was even longer than that. Although the story itself was very touching, there was too much walking around and picking up lunch in food pails... Abandoned at 70%. The narrator, by the way, did a wonderful job with the stutter. And Brute's voice was deep and stirring.
review 2: The story about a brute of a man and the King's prisoner. How they end up in love and fleeing for their lives. Surprisingly good and hopeful. The story is very sweet and sorrowful most of the time, really picking up the pace only a few handful of pages towa
... morerds the end. It's the sort of story that usually ends up being sad with a lousy ending. This wasn't. It was a perfect ending and right what these characters deserved. Aric and Gray were really interesting and good and they fought for each other like no other. Very enjoyable. less
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Well written, just not into this book. Not interested in reading anymore.
A sweet M/M fairy tale complete with a prince, a giant, and a HEA.
Really, really, really, really enjoyed this story!
As always, a very good book by Kim Fielding.
Brute was so sweet.
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