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The Pledge (2011)

by Kimberly Derting(Favorite Author)
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Margaret K. McElderry
The Pledge
review 1: I'm surprised that I finished this book in a day, but it was an easy read and it kept my interest. Plus, it was a Sunday, which is a perfect day for relaxing and reading a book.I liked this book. There were a few times where I thought the plot jumped a bit and character development opportunities were lost, but overall it was an interesting read. I thought that a caste system defined by languages was unique and it did a pretty good job creating a society that was a blend of Middle Ages with semi-modern technology.Charlie has a good heart. And I'm interested in how she's going to deal with the results of the ending of this book. Things could get very interesting depending on where Derting takes this series. I think that relationships were undervalued and underutilized in thi... mores story. I want so much to know more about Charlie and Max. About Max and Xander. About Brooklyn and Aron and Eden and others. I craved a deeper exploration of those relationships. I'm hoping I get more in the following books.
review 2: Goodreads recommended this book to be me based on another book that I just recently read and I'm glad it did! I really enjoyed this storyline. Yes, another dystopian but it was told in such an unique way that I didn't even mind this very popular genre. Charlie is very unique. In this world, there are different statuses and each status has their own language. Only in their status can they know their language, but Charlie knows ALL of the languages, which is against the law. All her life she's had to hide this ability, but lately it is getting harder to hide it, especially when a strange man comes into her life and speaks a language that she can understand but has never heard of before. While I was able to foresee a lot of things that eventually happened in this book, I was still taken on a ride and loved Kimberly Derting's writing. She did such a great job with the characters and the world that she created. The only thing that I had a problem with was at the end when Charlie was having an ...inner battle... I wish we could have read it from her point of view instead of Max's point of view. It would have been more beneficial to the reader to know what was going on. Other than that I really enjoyed this novel and cannot wait to see what other misadventures Charlie and her sister are going to get into! less
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This book was not bad at all! I lovedCharlie and enjoyed reading about her times with Max!
I loved this. .. not sure what all the bad reviews are about! x
It was ok, but I'm not interested enough to read any sequels.
What did I just read? wow.
it was a really nice one
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