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The Last Echo (2012)

by Kimberly Derting(Favorite Author)
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0062082191 (ISBN13: 9780062082190)
The Body Finder
review 1: My rating is actually 2.5.I should preference this review by saying two things: One; I usually don't read young adult novels and two; this first novel I've read from the body finder series. I found this such frustrating book to read. While the author clearly has the talent to write a fascinating and compelling novel, instead decides to waste her time shoehorning every terrible young adult novel cliche under the sun. Want a female heroine, with little to no personality other then being whiny and incompetent? You got Violet. (Though I will admit Violet isn't as bad as other YA heroines) Want the way to perfect to exist boyfriend who is totally useless and could have easily been left out of the novel? You got Jay. What about the bad boy with a heart of gold? Meet Rafe. What a... morebout perky background characters who would make better protagonists then the main? You got them! And the forced love triangle? You bet your ass!The best parts from this novel easily come from the scenes with the collector. They're perfectly creepy and unsettling and go to show how good this novel could have easily been if the author would've just left the teen romance crap at the door. I honestly wouldn't have a problem with the romance subplot if it actually lent itself to the story and didn't feel like the author's creepy wish fulfilment.
review 2: I don't know why I'm giving this book 3 stars. I don't know why I keep reading this series. I truly don't. I will probably read the next one, too.There aren't as many books I found as annoying as The Body Finder series. What is UP with all the teenagers in this universe? The only one who is passable as a human being is Jay. The rest, just no. There are times in which I wanna punch Violet so hard. But here's the thing. I know they are annoying, I KNOW they get on my nerves, but I CAN'T STOP READING THEM. The characters, annoying as they are, are just SO believable. So I guess what I find intolerable are teenagers in general. This doesn't happen with any other YA series, at least none that I can recall. My theory on why I can't stop reading them is that the author NAILS it in the suspense department. Even if Violet spends the majority of her time pondering idiocies, the parts that don't involve her love life are actually quite good. So that must be it. Although by the time she is being haunted by the third or so serial killer, things do start to seem a tad too convenient. less
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Violet finally felt like she belonged. Working at the center with the others with special "gifts".
-this series is on temporary hiatus-I've loved the series so far though :)
That ending was so deliciously creepy. I had a feeling about him.
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