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Prisoner Of The Raven (2005)

by Kirby Crow(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 4
Torquere Press Inc.
review 1: Truth? I'm not a romance novel fan, and this book did nothing to change that. The characters were your average romance novel characters, who acted in idealized ways.(Prisoner: You have enslaved me, but oh well. You cannot dim my fiesty nature!Jailer: You're so cute when you're fiesty. I've spent my life raping, murdering, and pillaging, but will now throw away all my values for your fiestyness and hug puppies. Also? Sex. Just saying.Prisoner: Goodie!)However, I wasn't reading this for the plot. The summary promised sex, and in that, Crow delivered very well. :D Hot stuff, well worth the read. If you like the usual romance genre characters and plot, you will adore this. If you're looking for gay sexytimes, this is still worth a look.
review 2: It's more 4.5 for
... moreme or 4.6 so I gave it 5 stars instead of 4. I liked it very much, although even after some time after reading it I still can't voice what was it that made me want to rate it 4.5 instead of 5 (if only I could). I liked the characters, I liked the writing style and I especially liked the difference in the mindsets of the main characters - it was really interesting. As I think about it, I usually don't like short stories (or is it novella?), but this one felt much more satisfying than any other same-length stories I've read so far.As a historical romance (I guess it can be called that) it doesn't give out many details on the historical setting, which is not particularly good or bad, considering it's only about 80 pages long. But it is set so deep down the ages (not a "traditional" Regency period, which people in general and romance-lovers have more knowledge about) that it makes happy end more believable. less
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Very good Sunday afternoon read. Review to follow
I want a Viking of my own!
Wish it was longer! :)
Whee viking sex romp!
3.5 stars.
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