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The Land Of Night (2007)

by Kirby Crow(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 2
1603700102 (ISBN13: 9781603700108)
Torquere Press
Scarlet and the White Wolf
review 1: I enjoyed The Land of Night, but it didn't leave me as satisfied as the second in the series. Poor Scarlet was dumbed down so much. We kind of lost track of his personality and spirit because he was stuck in Liall's royal apartments 24/7. For such an independant, wandering soul it felt wrong. Liall became a right royal pain in the ass, broody,needy, whiny and demanding too much trust from Scarlet when he couldn't offer it in return. There was one great sex scene but apart from that, Scarlet didn't get his oats much! Too much court intrigue and not enough romance for my liking! I felt a little disappointed when i finished it...but hope this can be rectified by book four!
review 2: It was going to be a 2 star, but the end was pretty cool. Overall, it's not a ba
... mored novel, but reading it was like driving through a poorly paved road. There'll be nice even stretches with some lovely bit plot or detail and then there'll be large portholes of incorrect grammar, bad tenses, or inconsistent plot points. But perhaps I am picky. Scarlet was a bit of a one note complainer as Liall was a one note responder. Their romance issues were a little boring after a while. It was the political intrigue and world building that was interesting, too bad the pacing was all sorts of dragged out for the info dump and semi cliff hanger at the end. When the preface of the novel says conclusion, I expect some sort of conclusion. Not another wrench in the main pair's plans and whole tons of questions unanswered. Thinking back, I'm tempted to change it to a 2 again, but eh. Goodness, spoiler spoiler, but I can't believe it was aliens in the end. Psychic aliens! With mental bonds! That deserves like more explanation right? How do people forget that they're descendant from aliens?! And that whole goddess being computer AI thing is an interesting, if not entirely new, twist, but how the heck is it still operational without any sort of hardware? More questions then answers. Cause even after three books, not all of the points in Scarlet's fortune telling have been hit. Sigh. less
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This was a very good read. The world building was great.
Good series, very satisfying conclusion. Well done!
A fitting conclusion for the story. Nicely done.
I did not like the end. It was all so depressing.
3.5 stars
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