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The Salem Witch Society (2012)

by K.N. Shields(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 4
0751549533 (ISBN13: 9780751549539)
Little, Brown Book Group
review 1: This book is packaged all wrong. The title and cover picture are both misleading, as is the description. This story is actually set in the late 19th century in Portland, Maine. Serial killer with a penchant for black magic pursued by a troubled criminologist and police detective. I felt the plot was drawn out too much. The book is 484 pages long and the chapters run on from one another with just a number to break up the print.
review 2: A detective story set in Portland, Maine in the late 19th century. What do a series of murders have to do with the occult and with the notorious Salem witch trials of the late 17th century? The lead investigators are a policeman and a private detective clearly modelled partly on Sherlock Holmes. Don't look for subtle characteris
... moreation - the characters are no more fleshed out than Conan Doyle's - but if you like plot-driven detective romps, this is an enjoyable read. less
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I gave up on this book after 50 pages, perhaps it is just not my thing.
So dull. Couldn't even bring myself to finish it!
Wasn't what I expected. Pretty disappointed.
Excellent book. Gripping from page 1.
Misleading titles *shakes fist*
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