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Danach (2013)

by Koethi Zan(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 2
3651000451 (ISBN13: 9783651000452)
Scherz Verlag
review 1: I must confess that I guessed a big part of the ending within the first few pages. No real surprises there. I enjoyed reading this book, however, much of it was like watching a bad horror movie where you keep watching people set themselves up in dangerous situations. In this case, I just couldn't see the motivation for these characters to go on this journey, other than to make absolutely certain that the man (forgot his name) would stay locked up for a long time.
review 2: Again, thanks to Netgalley for allowing me to read this, it was superb. Haunting, heartbreaking yet indominatable this really is an amazing book. It's hard to say you enjoyed a book about young women being held hostage and how they recovered from their ordeal, especially when published so c
... morelose to the case reported in Atlanta. in fact, it was so close to home that reading it felt voyeuristic and I had to put it down, read something else, then finished it, that's how affecting the story and the characters were. it certainly does not seem like a first novel, it is very assured without being arrogant and I have pressed it onto everyone I can think of. less
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Great and creepy. If you like surprise endings and mystery you will love this book.
Bom!!! Tenso do começo ao fim. Queria mais do final..
Good thriller Not great writing but a good plot
the book kept my interest
Creepy. Okay read.
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