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Pete Rose: An American Dilemma (2014)

by Kostya Kennedy(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 4
1618930966 (ISBN13: 9781618930965)
Sports Illustrated
review 1: This is a tricky book to write, as everybody has strong opinions about Pete. Kennedy presents what any reader would have to say is a fair account. There are lots of bad things said about Pete, but lots of good ones as well. The extreme depravity of his money grubbing and gambling is offset by his extraordinary work ethic and his stellar reputation as a teammate. There is not a simple picture of good (as the guy at a bar in Cincinnati might see) or evil (as Fay Vincent has set his mind on), and Kennedy goes a tremendous job bringing that out.
review 2: I didn't know too much about Pete Rose other than that he bet on baseball and was thrown out. I also knew he was in denial about his betting on the game. That being said, what a great book about him. Love hi
... morem, hate him. He'a a complicated guy for sure with lots of demons in the closet.As a big baseball fan, I think my final analysis would be to put him on the ballot and see what happens. If Barry Bonds can be on the ballot and be a cheater of the game, then put Rose on their and let the baseball writers decide if he should go in. Rose never cheated and his stats are his own. Let that speak for itself. Yes, he made mistakes and lied about it but what he did on the field was his and should be honored. If any of the steroid boys ever make it into the HOF, then I will stop watching baseball. But give "Charlie Hustle" an opportunity for his peers to decide if he should be elected to the HOF. less
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Pete Rose gives you an depth recount of the banishment if rise from baseball.
Great Read. Pete Rose is still a hero in my book. Author did a great job.
Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame. End of story. Exclamation point!
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