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Nightwing, Vol. 1: Traps And Trapezes (2012)

by Kyle Higgins(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 4
1401237053 (ISBN13: 9781401237059)
DC Comics
Nightwing Vol. III
review 1: I haven't picked up a graphic novel/comic book in years; what a way to jump back in! Dick Grayson has always been my favorite DC hero whether as Robin, Batman or Nightwing. I really liked this book and thought it was well put together. The story delves deep into Grayson's past pondering the age old argument, destiny vs decision. The dialogue is spot on, not too heavy handed or angst ridden, much like Grayson himself. And the artwork is absolutely gorgeous; I found myself lingering on each page marveling at the stunning line work and emotion evoking color schemes. This is a fabulous read, particularly if you are new to the universe.
review 2: I love Nightwing!! What a wonderful start for Dick Grayson in The New 52! I first really got to know Nightwing when
... moreI read Vol. 3 as I read through the "Death of a Family" arc and I ordered Vol. 1 & 2 right away as I knew I had to follow him from the beginning. He is one of my favourite Gotham characters. This first volume pretty much starts Nightwing off where he was pre-52, coming off of being The Batman and returning to his own beloved Nightwing. Dick meets up with Haly's Circus again and old friends, though not much backstory is given for him yet, we do get secondhand information, the tale of his parents death and a good feel for where he came from. This is pretty much a self-contained story that ends by the final issue and was a thrilling read with lots of surprises. Dick faces new enemies and only briefly crosses paths with Batgirl so not a lot of familiar faces leaving Nightwing as the main focus. The final issue brings in a small tie to the Court of Owls (which I've read) which was exciting (for me) to get that extra tidbit. Then the book sets up the beginning of the next arc. The art is fantastic. I adore Nightwing's costume and can't wait to catch up with Volume 2. less
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Entertaining enough. Higgins has a tough job trying to make Dick Grayson appear interesting.
Clever and well plotted. Love how this fits into the Batman canon!
The sass is strong in this one.
Good start to the series.
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