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Love's Spark (2000)

by L.A. Cotton(Favorite Author)
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Fate's Love
review 1: **ARC provided from author in exchange for an honest review**Ohh, once again, L.A. Cotton has surprised me :)! Love’s Spark was even better than Fate’s Love, which was reaaaally good. So, thank you Lianne, for giving me the chance to read your work. It was so much fun. Spark’s Love is the second book of the Fate’s Love series, altough it can be read as a standalone, since it’s about two different characters, with the special appearance of characters from the previous books (which I loved).This book tells us the story of Sharn Macer, Livvy’s (from book 1) best friend. She’s known quite a bit by almost everyone in her town, thanks to her past in highschool, which was more than colorful. She’s not that girl anymore though, and she only wishes for people to see... more her for who she is now. After graduating college and being dumped by her boyfriend, she comes back to town, and her parents’ house, gets a job at her old highschool as a 9th grade teacher. You could say her life is ok as long as she’s not in her house dealing with her uninterested mother. Work is good, she loves the kids and they love, and respect her deeply. She’s won their trust and respect pretty easily, except they’re not the straight A’s kind of kids. They need help to get their life back on track. That’s where Keefer comes in and with him, a whole new sight of live, and love.Like I said before, this book was just such a nice surprise. I had an idea of how Lianne worked, since I had already read Fate’s Love, but I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. The characters were sooo likeable, and well described, and there was such a nice development in the story. You get the once-upon-a-time popular girl, who’s dated a bunch of idiots and is now done with all of them, so now she’s doing everything in her power to redeem herself and be a better person, for herself, focusing on her studies and then on her work. Then, you get the guy who’s always been a loner, silent and reserved, and he’s still all that, except when he’s playing or teaching baseball. In that time, he’s in his zone, happy, free of his problems, free of his mind, free of everything. Through the game, he canalizes his stress and not only that but also helps boys who’ve been dealt with a hand similar to his. No kid should grow up in a house where the parents are not truly invested in their kids, no matter the reason.Sharn Macer. I liked her so much. I loved her need to help other, her need to show her support and love to everyone who’s around her, no matter the problems they might have. She’s a reliable kind of character and I could relate to her, because even though on the outside she seemed to be keeping it all together, inside, she had the need for someone to be there for her, to support her, and even so, she still managed to be there for her family, for her friends, for her students. Yes, she’s had a few rough times where strength might have left her, but not completely. She still stood up and did what she needed to do to move on.Keefer Smith. Coach Smith. God I loved him. He gave me butterflies and got a few smiles out of me! Yes, he’s stubborn, and reserved, but he’s also sweet, and funny, and reliable, and caring. I think I even loved him more than I loved Ethan :). Keefer’s life hasn’t been easy for a while. Since he’s been dealing with an alcoholic father, he’s taken up the responsability of keeping everything together. For himself and for his dad. He’s known since he was little that life wasn’t easy, but I think that’s what has made him so devoted and so good at helping others, specially kids. He has a wonderful need to help kids and to be there to protect Sharn and to be there to help his dad.Besides the two main characters, there are a few others that are the perfect addition to the story. Sharn’s students play a wonderful and important part in it, and I loved the way they were involved in everything. I liked seing how much they changed and became the good kids Sharn and Keefer knew they were.One thing I didn’t understand and like was Sharn’s mother. I didn’t like her for the obvious reasons (she’s a complete bitch), but what I didn’t understand was… where was she coming from? I found a bit odd that out of nowhere, after everything she did, she’d just a little gesture would fix everything. I felt there was something missing there. I expecteda bit more from that.Overall, I really enjoyed it. If you’re looking for a nice and sweet story, you might want to check L.A. Cotton’s books :).
review 2: Loves Spark is the second installment in the Fate Love's series. As someone who has never read the first book I was afraid I was going to be lost, but I definitely was not. This is Sharn and Keefer's story of love, letting go of fears and embracing your past.Sharn was the popular girl who was known to all the guys in high school, but she's changed. After a terrible breakup she's returned home to start over. She's now a teacher at her old high school and is roped into supervising an after school baseball program for her troubled 9th graders. She connects with them and they seem to trust her. However, the first day of practice brings a familiar face back into her life...Keefer. The shy, good looking, kept to himself guy from high school. The total opposite of Sharn. Will her past follow her, Can she prove she's not the same girl? The attraction between these too is sweet, intense and undeniable. But their past and family problems seem to get in the way. Just when you think the two are going to get together..bam something happens. I loved how Keefer stood up for her. He wasn't just looking for a hook up. Sharn was the girl he dreamed about. When Sharn's around Keefer she feels it...the spark! Will they get their HEA?This was a easy read. It was sad, funny at times, and sweet. I loved watching the love between them blossom. I have never read a book by this author, but after reading this her writing has interested me. It's the right amount of sweetness, steaminess and heartbreak. She keeps you interested in her characters and the storyline. I kept reading because I was wanted to get my answers....I wanted the secrets to come out and I wanted a HEA for Sharn and Keefer....they were perfect for each other....they had that spark we all want to find ourselves. Great read! 4.5 Stars! Honest review for Books Need TLC less
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I really enjoyed this book, well.written with lovable leads
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