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My Only One (2012)

by Lacey Silks(Favorite Author)
3.28 of 5 Votes: 3
MyLit Publishing
review 1: 4 StarsI am so glad I recieved this book to review. This story is so much more than I anticipated. The characters are all well developed and interact so flawlessly. It is a great book, and I will definitely look for more by this author.So much can happen in 20 years and to rekindle the love that was lost is a special gift. Mia (T) and Adrian are a special pair who go through so much to finally find each other again. Adrian is such a romantic. He’s hot and tight and all man when he comes for Mia. Such a great love story that I will reread again and again.Reviewed by: Rachel Farradzs
review 2: When we lose our virginity to our first love we tell them they will be our first love, only love, and last love but that doesn’t always happen. In this story her first
... morelove was not her only love but when she finds him on her door step she wants him to be her last love. If you are reading this like I am then you are hoping and praying that whatever happens between them becomes the relationship they should have had. less
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I wanted more, and it was a little difficult to read at the beginning
I loved it, if we all had our fist, ad our last.
3.5 stars....very short, quick read.
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