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Boomtown (2013)

by Lani Lynn Vale(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: you know what... this is good book, it is light read, it is funny , just what you need as an escape from problems and if you want to laugh at loud.It is also pretty realistic in some segments ( about couples living together... like sharing bathrooms, other poeples habits, and such..)Cracters are attractive ( in and out) and you can really like them , and get into story..I recommend for easy summer read!
review 2: This book was all over the place. The characters were flat with no development whatsoever. POV transitions were choppy, backstory was non-existent so there were all sorts of "wait - what?" moments. Plot development felt dis- jointed. The crazy insta-love between the main characters was even whacked. How the two characters ever came together was
... morea puzzle. For me this was a disappointing read. I already own the next in the series but I'm going to have to be desperate for an MC fix to read it. less
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This was a really book and a great start to this series!!
Just couldn't finish it.I couldn't get into this book
Dear author, Thanks for writing this incredible book!
Really enjoyed....Looking forward to the next book
Great short-ish read!
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