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Still Life In Brunswick Stew (2013)

by Larissa Reinhart(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 5
1938383400 (ISBN13: 9781938383403)
Henery Press
A Cherry Tucker Mystery
review 1: Here is one person you probably wouldn't want to swap lives with--ungrammatical! Cherry is a fair to average artist trying to make a living. At the Brunswick Stew competition, her best friend dies of poison. She doesn't have a good track record with men, and at one point gets her clothes shredded and is scraped up with gravel in a parking lot. She is combative, curious, aggressive, but loyal--would not make a good Girl Scout. Readers learn a lot more about her underwear than anyone needs to know. Apparently, there is already another book in the series, but I say, why bother!
review 2: Cherry Tucker continues to be one of my favorite series characters. She is fiercely protective of everyone she loves, and continuously puts herself at risk to make things ri
... moreght for friends in need. In Still Life in Brunswick Stew, she's determined to find the truth about how her friend Eloise died to give her family closure. She does this at great personal risk, and it may mean the end of her relationship with Luke, her hunk of a sheriff's deputy boyfriend. Throw in a shady Russian who has a soft spot for Cherry and a couple of goats, and you have a hilarious and heartwarming tale. less
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A cozy the way cozies should be written - great writing and a great story - can't ask for more!
I love Cherry's adventures. Can't wait for the next one!
Definitely a new favorite series!
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