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Death In Perspective (A Cherry Tucker Mystery, #4) (2014)

by Larissa Reinhart(Favorite Author)
4.43 of 5 Votes: 1
1940976189 (ISBN13: 9781940976181)
Henery Press
review 1: Once again, Cherry Tucker lands herself in the middle of comedy and danger. Her inability to say "No" to anyone needing help is both endearing and exasperating, but her adventures reveal more and more of the backgrounds of Cherry, her friends, and her family. This book provides a little change of pace-Cherry is working at a private high school as a set designer for the drama teacher, when she is drawn into solving the mystery of whether or not a suicide is really a murder. Cherry's dilemma with the men in her life is also fascinating. I am eager for Cherry Tucker #5.
review 2: Great balls of Cherry! By far my favorite and I have loved them all. This series keep getting better. The suspense was good and I'm loving the "friendship" with her and the Bear! Luke ste
... morepped it up this book so I can ony hope on those two finally being together, even though that's just my take but I see so many ways this can go. I loved how she was encouraged to nosey her way around and feed gossip. She was born for that role! Another great one and I'd definitely recommend this series. less
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Once again, an absolute treat! I love spitfire Cherry and her antics. Look forward to the next book!
An ok read, not the best entry in the series.
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