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Beanworld, Vol. 1: Wahoolazuma! (2009)

by Larry Marder(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 1
1595822402 (ISBN13: 9781595822406)
Dark Horse Comics
review 1: I loved the concept of this comic. The idea that it's an evolving environment where even the most seemingly unimportant changes have a significant and lasting effect on the world is a great idea. But personally I just didn't find reading it that fun. It felt a bit repetitive and although I think the artwork suited the story perfectly I just wasn't a fan of it. I read a review earlier that said that they appreciated the book more than they enjoyed it and that's exactly how I felt about it.
review 2: I made it all the way through this without being able to decide whether I really liked it or not. It's certainly weird. Marder's art looks good, and has a strangely interesting 2d/3d thing going on. But I could never decide about the plots--the thing all seems ver
... morey kid-friendly, but I couldn't quite figure who the audience was. The humor is there, but it's very light and subtle, never really laughable. The plots focus on world-building in the most literal possible sense, as if Marder ran across the phrase "world-building" and decided to do exactly that. So it's focus on the way characters interact with a simple environment is interesting. But, invariably, I still don't know what I think. less
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What's not to love about these critters? They make me feel happy!! Especially when they DANCE!
So good, so completely thought out and clever, it's a little frightening.
It was funny. If it was animated it would be like Jell-O.
not for me
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