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Twisted (2012)

by Laura Griffin(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 2
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review 1: Twisted is part of an ongoing Tracers series. While there is some overlap of characters in more than one book, this series can be read sequentially or individually without losing the essence of the story or main character interaction. Twisted finds small town police detective Allison Doyle seeking out FBI Profiler Mark Wolfe to consult over a recent murder that in Mark's opinion, is part of a series of murders stretched out over a 10-year period. No one but Allison takes this information seriously until she and Mark work together to prove their case, and if Mark is correct, the clock is ticking since the pattern for the next murder is it will take place by November 19, only a few weeks away.
review 2: Not much in the romance department but a very solid suspen
... morese/thriller. The romance itself involves the older man and much younger woman trope. The story centers around an FBI agent who believes the recent murder in San Marcos may be relayed to a series of murders done in California ten years before. He teams up with a young female police officer to investigate. I highly recommend it to any romantic suspense fan who doesn't mind an emphasis on the suspense. less
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Twisted is full of suspense and shockers! love it
I think one of my favorites in the series so far
Loved the whole series so far!
Enjoyable light read.
love these books
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