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Esprit D'hiver (2013)

by Laura Kasischke(Favorite Author)
3.23 of 5 Votes: 5
2267025221 (ISBN13: 9782267025231)
Christian Bourgois
review 1: This book was terrible on several levals. One of them being that the author does a terrible job of pulling you through the book. You start the first chapter thinking that something suspenseful is going to unfold, and thats as far as the suspense goes. After that, you will read through the whole book waiting... and waiting... waiting... nothing. And just when you think SOMETHING is happening, the author wanders off onto some obscure thought and you are just left dangling in frustration. Another disappointing aspect of this novel was the level of irritation I felt towards the main character in the book. I've never wanted to reach through the pages and strangle someone so bad in my life. For example, throughout the ENTIRE book she talked about how she should "call my husband"... more... and she NEVER did. She would again wander off on some train of thought and I just wanted to bonk her on the head. It was terribly frustrating to read.Its a plot that could have gone somewhere, but didn't. Then, after you have waisted a day or two reading this book and you've finally come to the end... still nothing. The page AFTER the very last page sums everything up in a short report. I can't get back any of my life I waisted reading this book. Not to mention the $25 I spent on it. All I can do is warn the world, that this is a HORRIBLE read.
review 2: I'm not sure how I feel about this book. I gave it 3 stars. I was annoyed at first until the very end. I thought "What is this book about?" I thought the mother was off. I am a mother and I would never let my children act that way towards me. Not to say that they can't be free to be who they are, even during their teenaged angst years, but I felt like she was spineless. Then come to find out what actually happened, it changes perspectives. So I give this 3 stars because it made me think. less
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Really creepy! Would make a great movie.
Unexpected ending, very creepy!
Piece. Of. Crap.
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