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In A Perfect World (2009)

by Laura Kasischke(Favorite Author)
3.26 of 5 Votes: 5
0061766119 (ISBN13: 9780061766114)
Harper Perennial
review 1: In A Perfect World takes Jiselle from the life of a single airline attendant to that of a woman, married to the handsome, charming pilot, a widower, Captain Mark Dorn. Mark comes with baggage, though. He has two teenage daughters and a young son from his first marriage. Once their marriage vows are uttered, life changes completely for Jiselle Dorn. Her fate, and that of the entire world, is altered by the spreading "Phoenix Flu." This is a compelling read, watching how Jiselle goes from being a needy, love struck bride to a strong, loving woman who can handle just about anything. Jiselle's life becomes what most people would not think of as being a "perfect world", but she ends up with just that.
review 2: I gave this book 3 stars because the beginning an
... mored most of the middle are great- well-written, a likeable heroine, an "easy breezy" read, as I'd call it because I read it in a days and a half. But towards the end it really skewed in a drastic direction that I didn't find credible, and the ending was not just undesirable, it was poorly done and leaves the reader completely in the dark as to what becomes of the characters who they've just spent 200+ pages becoming invested in. I can't recommend this book because there is absolutely no resolution to the story. less
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Very well written book. It's rather disturbingly real. I hope things don't turn out this way.
Half cheap romance novel, half post-apocalyptic thriller, all poorly executed.
I'm not sure how I felt about the end of the book but it kept me interested.
I thought this was an amazing book. So thought provoking!
Not my favorite. Not horrible, but would not recommend.
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