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Our Daily Bread (2011)

by Lauren B. Davis(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 5
1877655724 (ISBN13: 9781877655722)
Wordcraft of Oregon
review 1: This was a confronting read from the very earliest pages. I wanted to stop, given the subject matter. However, the dedication that Davis chose compelled me to keep reading and not look away: 'this book is dedicated to the children, like those of the Goler Clan, whose pleas fall on deaf ears'. The story highlights how strongly society vetoes directly 'interfering' with parental behaviour towards their kids in all socio-economic levels. The only reason I gave four stars and not five is that I felt there were some areas where the plot and character was a bit forced. Also, the narrative may have benefited from some relief - either with more likeable characters or sardonic humour. It is a very gruelling tale, however I found I couldn't put the book down as the story built to ... moreits closing chapters. Thank you for telling his very important story!
review 2: I'm glad I finished the book, even if the bulk of it was slow reading. I get what the author wanted to accomplish, her focus was more on the divide between the community and the "others" and the intent was not to spy on or capitalize on the horrors of children, but on the horror of a community willing to overlook it, feeling superior and separate. And this is what we see most of in this book, the tired, gossipy little community, all tied up in it's own petty drama. It makes for hard reading, but you couldn't really ever "enjoy" or easily read this book. I give it three stars only because the characters of both Tom and Patty seemed a little flat, and they were out main window into the story. Now I'm interested in reading On South Mountain. I've grown up very familiar with this kind of societal division, the Goler Clan has not been the first of it's kind, and it won't be the last. And society still turns a blind eye to what makes it uncomfortable. less
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I couldn't put it down AND found it difficult at the same time! Also loved The Empty Room.
Brutal story but somehow also shining with moments of unexpected beauty and grace.
Just started... So excited. I can't believe all the 5 star reviews, must be good!!
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