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Where We Have To Go (2012)

by Lauren Kirshner(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
0771095767 (ISBN13: 9780771095764)
Emblem Editions
review 1: I don't understand why this book hasn't recieved more recognition in terms of book awards, etc. Perhaps there has not been enough time in the market as yet. I think it is beautiful. But not if you ware wanting action, mystery, moving plot. If you like to get to know characters and if you enjoy beautiful writing you will be happy with this novel about a family just trying to get by. Like most of us. Lives of quiet desperation, my pessimistic husband used to say. I liked the metaphor that was created by the mannequins in the garden, symbols for this family. And I also liked the way the author did not get maudlin and hung up on the death of the mother.
review 2: Lauren Kirshner's newest book is a great debut. She chronicles a family falling apart in 1990s Toronto
... more. It went in a different direction that I expected it to go in. Her writing is quite beautiful and descriptive and I would definitely check out her next book. This was a pretty dark book, but there were glints of hope and relief for the main character. I stayed up late reading it, which is probably a sign that it was a good read. less
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Reminded me a lot of She's Come Undone, by Wally Lamb. I very much enjoyed it.
Not my taste in novels, yet extremely well written.
Wonderful new voice. Love this author.
This is my book! Yay!
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